Nicola Howse, qualified EBCS Bowen Therapist    



  Oxfordshire Bowen Therapist

  T: 01491 836410

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Back & neck pain

Nicola Howse, studied and qualified as a Bowen Technique Practitioner with the European College of Bowen Studies and is a registered member of the The Bowen Therapist's European Register (BTER).

ECBS is Europe's leading Bowen school setting standards in training and recognition for the holistic therapy.  In addition, Nicola has an ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy Physiology and Pathology and is Certified in First Aid.  

Based in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, Nicola provides Bowen therapy to all ages, from new born to the retired; dealing with numerous ailments, injuries and providing general wellbeing at her discreet Bowen facilities located within her residential premises. 

In her own words Nicola explains her passion for Bowen Therapy?  "For years I suffered from persistent back pain, which I attributed to my work schedule combined with a previous injury obtained in my twenties. As a company partner of a IT Training Consultancy my role was demanding mentally and  I sat for long periods of time at a computer within an office environment. This, and after having two children I found it uncomfortable to stay in one position for long,  feeling the effects of a reoccurring pain moving from my lower back and coccyx bone up into the shoulder and neck region.  To combat this  I regularly utilised therapies including chiropractic therapy.  However, from my first visit I was finding the manipulation of the movements very uncomfortable and wearing on my body, regularly suffering from bruising.

"Approximately three years ago I discovered The Bowen Technique and never looked back.  After one session I felt the immediate benefits, the treatment was calm and relaxing, not as evasive on the body and I no longer suffered with the back pains I had before. In addition I found the effects of the treatment lasted longer than other types of therapies and I was amazed that the hay fever I had suffered from for years was under control allowing me to enjoy the outdoor summer months more than ever before. My children were also treated for night terrors, they loved the treatment and I'm pleased to say sleep soundly. I began raving about the treatment to colleagues and friends and my interest developed into a new career path.   

"I have worked with clients on numerous conditions from retracting hernias, healing golf and sporting injuries to infant behavioural issues."

Further information on the European College of Bowen Studies can be found at

Gentle remedial therapy with no manipulation or force used.
Sport injuries
Tennis elbow
Knees/shin splints
Frozen shoulder
High blood pressure Bowen Therapy for whole body wellness and to relief range of illnesses and injuries. Suitable for adults, newborn babies, children and the elderly.
Hay fever
Kidney problems
Lymphatic drainage    
Infant colic    
Behavioural issues