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Back & neck pain

Bowen Technique Therapy case studies:

Infant Colic - Boy aged 3 weeks - 2 treatments

S. had been suffering severe colic for most of his short life, which was distressing for him as well as his poor parents.   During his first Bowen treatment he seemed to relax completely, lying stretched out and legs relaxed.  Over the next few days, he produced some very smelly, mucus-y nappies, which is common as Bowen begins to help resolve colic.  After 5 days, he showed signs of the colic distress again, but after the second treatment he had no further colic.

Sports Injury: Cartilage/ligament damage - Male aged 23 - 4 treatments

As a cricketer and rugby player, H’s left leg was in a brace following cartilage removal and damage to the AC ligament.  His right leg was in plaster nearly to the knee due to further ligament problems and he was on anti-inflammatory tablets.  Some severe pain followed the first Bowen treatment and the left knee became temporarily more swollen.  However, after four treatments the hospital verdict was that the knees were now very stable and that a further anticipated operation would no longer be necessary.

Emotional Stress - Woman aged 57 - 3 treatments

A series of bereavements and problems over some years had drained A of any energy although she is normally very active and energetic.    She had a tight chest, a “tight band” around her head and her knees and legs hurt.  After one Bowen treatment she felt slightly better.  All symptoms showed definite sighs of improvement after two and after the third treatment she was well on the way to getting back to her original self  - including gardening and playing tennis within two months.

These are a few examples of the benefit of The Bowen Technique.

Source: European College of Bowen Studies

Gentle bowen therapy for sinuses

Sport injuries
Tennis elbow
Knees/shin splints
Frozen shoulder
High blood pressure
Kidney problems

Bowen gentle movement on leg tendons and muscles

Lymphatic drainage
Infant colic
Behavioural issues